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a way of life

Our community is founded on a combined love for yoga, fitness, health, wellness and the great outdoors. We have made a commitment to living our best lives here in Niseko and we are so lucky to be able to teach what we love while getting to enjoy the mountains, beaches and lakes of Hokkaido. We’re a team of dreamers, travellers, adventurers and nature lovers who put our health and wellness as our number one priority. We can’t wait to welcome you into our community too.


strength + agility

It takes tremendous strength, balance, and focus to charge down a mountain while strapped to your skis or snowboard. This means skiers and boarders who spend time on the yoga mat are better prepared for a graceful, injury-free season of riding. Join the Powder Yoga community and learn poses that strengthen your feet, tone your quads, and help protect your knees for many more rides to come. Our classes also include many core-strengthening exercises: a great way to practice injury-prevention for all of Niseko’s demanding outdoor adventure sports be it summer or winter.

flexibility + balance

Including yoga into your daily routine will help to develop more flexibility. There are many benefits to maintaining a flexible body: improving athletic performance, supporting functional movement, helping prevent injury & illness, aiding in good posture, and getting in better touch with your body. Yoga also helps ensure an optimum supply of blood to all parts of the body, it helps flush toxins & provides the much needed nourishment circulated to your joints.

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