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Our community is founded on a combined love for yoga, fitness, health, wellness and the great outdoors. We have made a commitment to living our best lives here in Niseko and we are so lucky to be able to teach what we love while getting to enjoy the mountains, beaches and lakes of Hokkaido. We’re a team of dreamers, travellers, adventurers and nature lovers who put our health and wellness as our number one priority. We bring this attitude and inspiration into every class we teach and every treatment we offer. Our international instructors have been bringing you world class yoga, fitness and massage in the heart of Niseko for over 10 years and we have passes and pricing options to suit both long-stay Niseko locals and short-stay Niseko visitors. We can’t wait to welcome you into our community.

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This winter we are running a special Secret Santa event for all our Powder people! 

Think typical Secret Santa, but with a little twist. For this one we ask that you don't spend any money to buy a gift. We want you to think outside of the box. Get creative... Make something, bake something, create something, donate something ... or anything you can think of that would help your secret Santee and bring a smile to their face. 

If you want to get involved all you have to do is drop your name in the Secret Santa box in the studio by the this Friday (10th December), then we will all draw out a name over the next week. The Secret Santa swapping of gifts will take place just before our Christmas Eve yoga class at The Yard. If you can't make the class just try to get your gift to your Santee before Christmas Day! 
Please only join us if you can commit to the event so we don't have anyone left without a gift on Christmas Eve!
The mountain is officially open for another season of shredding the epic Niseko POW. Make sure to take care of your body this winter... improve your on snow performance and reduce the risk of injury with a regular yoga + fitness practice! Join us this week to stretch and strengthen, we have an awesome range of yoga + fitness classes bought to you by our wonderful teachers to help keep your body in tip top condition! FYI, the usually sold out Aerial yoga still has some places for this coming Saturday! 

Monday - 5:45pm Core with Skye
Monday - 7:00pm Yoga Flow in Japanese 日本語のヨガ
with Ken
Tuesday - 5:45pm Power Flow with Skye
Tuesday - 7:00pm Yin Yang Flow with Yamile
Wednesday - 5:45pm Circuit TRX with Skye
Wednesday - 7:00pm Pilates in Japanese 日本語のピラティス with Leona
Thursday - 5:45pm Vinyasa with Charlie 
Friday - 7:30am Power Yoga with Charlie 
Saturday - 8:30am Aerial Yoga with Charlie 
Sunday - 5:45pm Candlelit Yin Stretch with Charlie 

See you in the studio!

📷 @emma96_ 🙏🏼
Brining you a double line up of yoga classes tonight! @theyardniseko 

Kicking off with Power at 5:45 with @skye.willoughby 

Ending with a juicy flow from @yamile.olivares at 19:00

See you on the mat! 🧘🏻🙏🏼

パウダーヨガとフィットネスでは初心者から上級者までどなたでもご参加いただけるよう、いろいろなレベルや種類のクラスをご用意しています。初めてご利用される場合は、レッスン時間より少し早めにお越しください。スタジオの説明をさせて頂きます。また、怪我や体調などで心配なことがありましたらインストラクターにご相談ください。分からない事や不明な点がありましたら、 までご連絡ください。

Yogi Ken と日本語ヨガ。@yogi__ken


Riona Uemuraとピラティス日本語 @_riona_pilates_ 

私自身、New zealandで初めて体験しその時の先生が80才の方で、背筋が真っ直ぐ内側からすごく若々しくて、その1時間のレッスンは衝撃的でした。シニアのグループレッスンが行われている中で、隣の部屋では部活で怪我した学生がレッスンを受けていて、誰でも出来てこんなに人の本来の健康的な美しさを引き出すメゾットはピラティスしか無いと思い学びを進めています。

Bringing you all the cosy candlelit Yin vibes tonight @theyardniseko … if you’ve never tried Yin yoga here is a little bit about the practice… if you know, you know 😉 see you on the mat! 🧘🏻🕯

Mindful Yin Stretch is designed for all levels and abilities with a slow, accessible pace, and with most of the poses done while seated or laying down. This practice is inspired by ‘Yin’ yoga and includes simple poses with longer 3 – 5 minute holds to stretch the dense connective tissue (facia) of the whole body.

We will use lots of props (blocks, straps, cushions, rollers, and balls) so you can relax, feel supported, and get deeper into the body. Throughout the long holds, there is a strong focus on being mindful, coming back to the breath, staying present in the moment, and letting go of tension in the body.

This class will help you to slow down, relax and go inwards. Science has proven that regular mindfulness practice can have powerful long-lasting effects. Mindfulness helps to activate our rest-and-digest system and begin the process of ushering our body back to a more natural and calm state. Through this practice we begin to notice our body and mind more easily let go of daily stressors and challenges. We feel calmer. We can focus more clearly. We can be more creative. We feel more balanced and comfortable in our skin.
Join me tonight for Candlelit Yin yummieness! 17:45 @theyardniseko
Classes with @charlieemilydavies this week!

Vinyasa Flow - Tonight 17:45
Power Flow - Friday 07:30
Aerial Yoga - Saturday 08:30
Candlelit Yin Yoga - Sunday 17:45

See you on the mat! 🧘🏻🔥
IT'S TIME! We open on Sunday! 

We are beyond excited to welcome you guys into our new studio home! We are kicking off our full winter timetable from this coming Sunday, starting with a free vinyasa flow class for anyone who would like to see the space and give yoga a go! All levels welcome, 17:30 at The Yard. 

Check out our awesome lineup of classes coming your way this week for the amazing powder yoga + fitness team...

5:30pm Free Vinyasa Flow with @charlieemilydavies 

5:45pm Core with @skye.willoughby 

5:45pm Power Flow with Skye
7:00pm Yin Yang Flow with @yamile.olivares 

5:45pm Circuit TRX with Skye

5:45pm Vinyasa with Charlie 

7:30am Yoga Sculpt with Charlie 

8:30am Aerial Yoga with Charlie 

5:45pm Candlelit Yin Stretch with Charlie 

Our Japanese classes start from the end of November with the awesome @yogi__ken and @_riona_pilates_ 🎉🎉

If you don't already have a class pass or season pass you can book a spot and pay in studio with cash or card... bookings are essential so please register below: